3D Printer Name: Cetus MKII

This is my setup. Or how I adapted my 3D printer to be as portable as possible. Mean you can take it and move it to any place you want. The base of the enclosure is made from home depo container. I don’t remember how big it is, but it can easily fit the printer and the other printer accessories. Like filament or some ventilation plus webcam for monitoring.

It is just basic construction from the top we have a cardboard box from oranges. Connected to flexible kitchen chimney. Then down below there is an exhaust fan that is pumping up the fumes outside.
On the same level we have Intel nuc. That provide windows with 3D printer software. Also, it helps to view what’s going on by simple webcam.

And on the side, we have all power supplies connected to the power and fasten to the wall of the printer enclosure. Two fuse boxes allow to turn on and off led, fans and main power line.

So here we see the printer from inside on the top there are few led’s to enlighten the atmosphere. Also below fancy spool holder that is working very well. One item below we have an webcam that transmit an image to the pc where we can see the progress of print or just change the settings. I modified an original fan, cause the fan was so noisy. Also, on left intake fan that allow fresh air to come in through carbon filter. And last but not least there is a heat bed mod that I purchase from Cetus website. Its working okay but it takes ages to warm up. About an hour.

But the print quality and linear rails, are amazing. I’m using extruder nozzle 4mm. And layer thick is set to 0.2. In most of my prints.