Spherical photos of the place. It’s good to have photos of your own place on Google Street View.
It allows everyone to see the inside. See example See example.

You have a special item. Something that you want to promote. Something special, or just anything. 

Event -> You have a something happening and you want someone to make some nice shots. Contact me for more information.

Camera is not everything, the moment is. Check my recent photos below.

Carz N Coffee Tullamore 24-03-2019

Carz N Coffee Tullamore  24-03-2019. Really nice day out. Please see pictures down below.  Music Version.  Quick.  The long version of the video, color correction is a bit off in this one.  But it is how it is. 

St.Patrick Day 2019

St.Patrick day 2019. This parade was quite good. I know there were better ones somewhere. But as we know everywhere is better than in a place you are right now.  Anyway enjoy the photos and please mind my small video cause the camera angle was attached a bit wrong....

Quick check of Lough Boora Discovery Park

I will come back out there to create some new photos. The park itself it's nice. Just something nice. Although the car park is paid 30m ahead there is free car park. 

New GIF Arrived

I just recentyl learn how to make some of nice GIF from my Video clips if you wan't them tell me. I can also do a gif on Request.

Eamonn O’Donohoe Memorial Race

I was invited to do some photos & vid stuff on 7 October 2017 , Hudson bay “ Eamonn O'Donohoe Memorial Race “. Thanks for an Invite Bob. Here you can see the short version of the video. Also, down below there is longer version. Some photos form event is in there...

Glasson Hotel Wedding Fairs 2/04/2017

Wedding Fairs Today 02/04/2017 I have an opportunity to be on wedding fairs in Glasson Hotel.     There was a lot of people everywhere but the most important part of the Wedding Fairs was a showcase. Look below.     Not all of the photos are...

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