Did you ever tried to download a video from a website secured with video.js ?
If the answer is yes. I hope you have a right to do that.

Let us continue. To download that video, you will need 2 things.
First is ffmpeg. Download link from the website. And make exe available from your CLI.
Put it to your environmental variables. For less advanced users, please follow instruction from this link.

So when you will finish you should be able to type ffmpeg in your terminal and get output like that.

Now open a terminal in folder you want the file to be downloaded in.
And rest of the instructions are here.

To download something use a comand:
ffmpeg -protocol_whitelist file,http,https,tcp,tls,crypto -i “Here_enter_link_for_playlist_m3u8” -c copy download.mp4

All served on a silver platter. If you will have any question ask in comment.