You do not need motivation.
Just make something that will survive your death.
Good goals are small goals. The vision is to be enormous.
But steps that will bring you to realize the vision have to be small and safe, measurable and feasible.

Start just now,

-having what you have,
-knowing what you know,
-not having what you don’t have,
-not knowing what you don’t know,

Create a list of skills you missing.
So, you will be able to start filling the missing holes.

Two most important questions before you will decide to do something:
– Is the thing worth it to me
(Here we coming back to our own inters)
-Am I able to do this or do I have the right skills or resources

Take big and hard tasks and dive it into small and easy tasks. Do everything so abstract and hard to imagine things will be small and able to do here and now.
Your vision can be big and starts now, but you need to know what to do. If you can’t imagine something, you can’t do something. As smaller as better.
The most important is just to start. We don’t realize how a small act can trigger an entire avalanche.

Do less than you can on even more less that you can. Don’t be crazy. Give yourself a chance to win.

If you are not able to control emotions or thoughts.
Have a distractions trough use of a heavy muscle
(run, exercise, clean up, go for a walk)

Curiosity leads to knowledge. Good experiments are like a god investment. The goal is research, not self-destruction. Play to win. The purpose of life is emotional flexibility, width, and plasticity of the comfort zone.

The awareness that you can do despite unfavorable conditions, just mechanically do what you need to do in any given situation.

Do what you need to do, regardless of whether you want it or not.

You are to be the closest to an ideal, not an ideal person who is devoted to project immortality.

The only thing that doesn’t make sense is to give up, do your thing remember that the majority is out of our control.