“TransTEC Laser HD was designed for the DJI Digital FPV System” YES. That’s correct but if you’re a beginner or you are just not sure about your battery. Normally if you will place battery down below and you will crash, you’re battery could be punctured. So, to prevent that I created small battery cover. To make sure each landing in my case will finish without battery decapitation. Below here you can see my first design. But I quickly changed it a little so there were only two revisions of my project.

On the second revision I removed a bit of plastic so the cover will be a little bit lighter. I did not create any strength simulation, but I might do that next time with my next project.

More details for the project. The cover was designed to have a space for a battery.
It’s not designed to hold a battery please use a battery strap for that. The cover is only to protect battery from a puncture or damage during landing. There is 43mm of space vertically and 43mm horizontally.

To assembly the frame you will need 4 screws M3 size 20mm.

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