Fire TV stick lite. Yes….. The first thing you could do with it it’s make your own. You could of course install custom room but that’s not what we be doing here. This Amazon stick is very nice and cheap. As far I enjoy Amazon service, I’d like to make my things a little bit more my ones. As part of doing that you could do few things to achieve this great thing.

So first thing is to login to your stick device from your amazon account so you can open it and play anything.

The second thing will be to install custom launcher. Go to your Google Search provider and screech phrase “install wolf launcher firestick “ or try to use this link it might help.

To make everything easier, I would highly recommend to download android ADB shell.
So, you could install apk’s from your pc. If you follow wolf launcher you should be able to see your stick from your pc. Also on the device itself you will see notification about debugging….

If you never heard about ADB try here … Android Debug Bridge ….

Useful ADB phrases:

Adb devices  – Displays all devices that shell sees.

adb install C:/folderLocation/apk.apk — Installs the package located at C:package.apk on your computer on your device.

adb uninstall — Uninstalls the package with from your device. For example, you’d use the name com.rovio.angrybirds to uninstall the Angry Birds app.

adb push C:file /sdcard/file — Pushes a file from your computer to your device. For example, the command here pushes the file located at C:file on your computer to /sdcard/file on your device

Next as for the newest update, home button by default goes back to the Amazon launcher. So, to fix that I found one solution that worked it required tho installing an custom apk found here.

Install Launch manager LM (FOS) – 1.1.6.apk   -> Testes 3/07/2022 -> working.

-> then select Launcher Options
– > Custom Launcher Options -> Change Active Launcher to what you want ( “ Wolf Launcher “ )
-> then select Launcher Options
-> enable custom Launcher

After that you could install some Kodi …. With crew plugin… Go and use google “the-crew plugin”

You could do anything else just create an eternity of time and borrow some….