The main project was to create a little tool that could help with a stuck bong at the end of the port connection.

After having a conversation with the nurses I gathered some information about the subject. I heard that especially patients who are going home with chemo pumps, they use more force than needed to screw in the bong. Wich faintly when they will come back to the hospital with those pumps, the connections are really hard to open. I’m a patient of the Hematology department, and one day during my in-hospital stay bongs was stuck. They basically were really hard to open that nurse have to fight with it a long time. Most of the time they come out easily but that day they don’t. The nurse has to find and use some tools to open the connections.

So to prevent that I created a small key chain tool. This is a plastic ( PLA ) printed extension to help with the manner.
PLA plastic can be sterilized using a hand sterilizer. It can’t be heated cause it will melt.
I’ve prepared two versions.

One version is designed to suit the Hickman lines uses at hematology wards.
The source of measurement was ( Hickman replacement kit).
I did not get an actual Hickman line to take measurement from.

Another version was designed to use with pick lines. Those ones that need port access.
The source of measurement was taken from a pick line.