So i finally decided to upgrade my network to something more professional like virtualized pfSense mini router that can drive small LXC containers and normal vm. That will allow to spin local version of pfSense, vpn, webserver etc, with low total power consumption.

Device stats:
Kettop Mini Pc Fanless Silent Desktop Mi7100L6
*Core I3-7100U
*8Gb Ddr4 Ram ( Samsung made )
* PCIe 32Gb Ssd
*Wifi ( AzureWave AW-NU168H ) Looks like it uses some sort of USB Bridge.
*Aes-Ni – active
*6 Lan Ports Mini Pc 2.4Ghz

My addition:
*WD Green 480 GB Internal SSD

Thanks’ Mark for help with the proxmox setup. Setup is easy in theory. I might do a small tutorial how to prepare proxmox but for now there internet can give you all that answers. Just use Directory. Like me in this screenshot.

The box itself is nice. It’s originally came with pfSense. I changed it to proxmox installed on provided 32GB drive, then all storage backup and other files were handled on second SSD that contains all i need.

The only one issue i have with the box is wi-fi card. That card is totally crap. So if you will ever consider buying box like that. Please buy one without wi-fi card and connect normal AP. Like unify AP or in my case my old ( Airlive AC-1200R in AP-MODE )