I love open backed headphones but most of those headphones are not wireless. Why may you ask?  Because they are using just too large, they deliver a high-quality sound. But when you have cable, you’re hooked up and you can’t go anywhere but there is a solution for that and here is my solution.

For me there is such not noticeable difference between cable and this BT setup, the headphones are loud enough and i was i bit surprised that this worked so well. 

I am the owner of Sennheiser HD599 those headphones are perfect for this setup. The 50 ohm drivers are best to make use of the Bluetooth AMP. 

So first what you need is a professional audio receiver it’s Bluetooth audio receiver “Avantree DG60” this dongle is just for music it doesn’t work with mouses keyboards nothing just Bluetooth sound and the most important it supports technology aptX-HD .

Then you need USB portable amplifier like “FiiO BTR3k HiFi Bluetooth Amp“, battery on it lasts about 7 eight hours so it’s not too bad it could be better. And it ususes USB-C. It could work as sound card too if you directly connect it to PC.

Then you just connect those two together turn on the computer and that’s it.