Okay so let’s start from the beginning. If you ever will have any trouble with connecting the Laravel app to the MySQL database. Please see this thing. It might be easy for people that know the topic but to someone who is new, that might be a problem.

Okay so let’s start after you get your SSH connection to your server setup an ann app and try to migrate tables. ( php artisan migrate:fresh ) If that not working make sure that in your .env file your password is covered with “password”.  With those “””””.


That’s the one problem I was trying to sort and finally sorted. Sometimes the password could make the mess. My hosting is on Linuxcom.pl they rebranded to cyberfolks.pl or something like that. So if your app trowing error like this on the server just check the .env file.

Okay, the second thing that length of a key problem that laravel never fixed. They could just add this thing to a project but no they will not gonna do that.

Okay to fix that thing go to App->Providers->AppServiceProvider.php

And include this:

use  Illuminate\Support\Facades\Schema;
Also in boot function add this line.