Please look at this simple example.

Every day you are doing a lot of things. Most of the things are coming just like that.
But when you want to stop and try to find out what’s to be done there is a thousand more to do.


We always are looking for a point in a future where I will be happy when I will do something. And most of the time things are moved “to the future”. But what when we are standing in that future right now?

We are trying to escape reality. For us is safer to say I’ll do that tomorrow. Or tomorrow there will be a greater day. Then that days come and are over ( night time ) and you are realizing that only one thing.
I did not do anything I want and I’ll need to do that tomorrow. And like that circle is closing.

It relays good to make a list of stuff you want to finish before the day started. Don’t push yourself just go with the flow. And remember if you will be always in the future or past, your present will gonna go away.

That’s because our society made us see constant entertainment. We are tough from a small how we should behave what we should do. We need to have a lot of stuff that we are happy. And the most important what they told us is “always want more”. Remember stuff you have will become obsolete, but you are still you. Material things will flow away. Now, most of the electronic are anyway about 2-3 years on the market. After that short span of life, the thing becomes basically garbage.