Updated   8/7/2019

Asian street food restaurant is based on 37 Newcastle Road Galway it’s really close to the hospital. So it’s actually really really easy to just come in from the hospital. Right now the closest restaurant I can get so I hope that I will be able to give you as many photos as much information as I can get.

I will try to put every dish here but you want to know that only the dishes that iiTaste will be here.

Please be aware prices might be different cause i just putting those at the moment of purchase. 

Asian Bites – Starters


The first started they call it Asian bites. I will try to show you the photo and also taste.  Basically to explain the taste so you will see what you can get. 

4. AD Duck Rolls

Price  €5.50 – (Rate 8/10)
Shredded Duck and fresh vegetables wrapped in light crispy pastry served with sweet Chilli sauce.

A very pleasant and tasty snack. Together with the sweet chili sauce, the flavor goes very gently. There are two rols on the plate.

11. Japanese Gyoza.

Price  €7.50 – (Rate 5/10)
Homemade chicken dumplings served with 7 Spice Kikkoman soy sauce.

About 5 dumplings were on the platter with some sauce. They look very nice and taste ok, but  not for that price. They might be expensive to produce.

6. Crispy Wonton

Price  €6 – (Rate 8/10)
Prawn wrapped in a light crispy pastry served with onion plum sauce.

About 5 from crispy Bites with tasty sauce. I enjoy the taste of those but, everyone has different tastes they were definitely worth the price.

13. Chicken salt and chilli pepper.

Price  €5.50  (Rate 9/10) Recommended  
That was shredded chicken in a light bathroom work right with salt and chili pepper spice. 

I really like the taste of this dish it’s kind of starter but it’s actually really nice. I add TABASCO sauce and also sources which improved my tabasco spiciness.


So basically all of the Noodles i Taasted.

46. Penang Char Kaey Teow

Price  €12   (Rate 7/10) Recommended  

Flat rice noodles with prawn wok-fried with rice noodles in homemade spicy sauce.

Nice, a little bit spicy as escribed but not for me, I like a bit hotter so I used TABASCO sauce as well. 

50. Jalan Jalan Udon

Price  €12   (Rate 6/10)  
Fresh Chicken and Japanese Udon Noodles wok-fried with fresh vegetables, crispy shallots, and our spicy paste.

48. Mak Mak Mee Goreng

Price  €12   (Rate 6/10) Recommended  

Noodles came with lime. But if you don’t like tofu that’s not for you. There were filled with tofu taste. Spicy!

Also, the photo did too late. Entire platter was filled with that tasty noodles.

Noodle Soups 

So basically all of the Soup.

Side Dishes

So basically all of the side dishes.

57. Ipoh Kari Duck Noodle Soup

Price  €13.50  (Rate 6/10) 

Soft Fried Noodles

Price  €3.80  (Rate 8/10) Recommended  

Soft Fried Noodles

Straight from wok 

So basically all of the dishes prepared i a Wook.

32. Szechuan with crisps.

Price  €10.50 ?  (Rate 6/10) Recommended  

There was much more chicken on that plater I’m loving it.

Unfortunately, the photo that I took was, taken a little bit to late.