Heloo Everyone !


So, as I got the information I recently was diagnosed with some nice Acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
I’ want to share my story with you GUYS OF THE INTERNET.

As we know life is a life and everything could be possible even those weird things like that are. So please mind my English. I’m not as experienced in writing as I think I’m in talking. But I decide to share this story using English. Much more people will be able to understand what I’m trying say and do. I have a plan to do some of video blog cause I recently both a camera before all this happened, and if possible, I can share with you how this illness looks like, and how they treat that shiet.



Let's start...

How I manage to land in Galway University Hospital ?

To answer this question, I’ll need to tell a little bit of story before everything happened. So, no idea why but living in a small town in Ireland. I was trying to get someone called GP. But despite there were 4 medical centers all of the doctors were full, and I couldn’t get anyone to be my GP. So only one way to get a doctor in an emergency was a MIDOC. Or doctor in another town like 30 min drive form place where I was in. MIDOC is a good service but they still require me to assign myself to any GP. So, in the time of 3 years in the same town, I can’t manage to get my GP.

But here the proper history starting… As I was working on full time. It wasn’t easy to try and sort the healthy stuff. But still, whenever I got a bit of time I was trying to see if I can be assigned to GP. Last week after my flight back from a small vacation in Poland. During the vacation, everyone was telling me that I look so pale. I really feel fine, like my body just gets used to the low level of some blood. Then I came back to Ireland and the next day I was working. I did some construction site seeing plus induction and delivery work, small drive to Dublin to send an important package. And before that, I manage to see someone from Monkland Medical Care. I told her the story about trying to get some GP out there. And she found out I can come in tomorrow and do some blood test with nurse ANNA.

And from that they took the blood, afterwards, I sit back on the chair and I fainted for about 30s. I woke up on the floor in a safe position and I couldn’t stand for a while. I heard they order an ambulance. Now I was a bit suppressed what’s going on.  Cause I want to go back to work and just carry the day over. And I’m getting the info that they will take me to the hospital to take even more blood. The crew arrived.

I saw the driver was looking at me like he never saw anyone that looks so sheet.  I told him I’m feeling fine. The last step was to go outside with I did, and I’ve asked can I get some of the stuff from a car in case ill need that. So we walk in he was assisting each my step holding me like a person that can collapse in each second. I took what I need, and we walk back to the ambulance. After that, there was just a drive to the hospital. They connect me to ECG and then we started to drive.

First, I arrived in Ballinasloe Hospital, they put me into the waiting room and they started to drain my blood again. New ting was I was a bit surprised that all of that started happening. They started to do some chat what’s going on and I was talking that I’m feeling totally fine and that’s is unnecessary, so I want to go to work.


Few minutes about 45 or later the person came back to me and they inserted a cannula into my wain. That was surprised cause it means they will not let me go.

I was still asking when I can go back, that I don’t want to stay in hospital. They were not speaking much. 

And suddenly they move me from a waiting room into a clean room.

The room where there were no germs at all. So, then I was a bit confused.

 No one wants to tell me anything I was just laying in a bed and then they moved me again into to some other kind of room into a different part of the hospital. It wasn’t ultra-clan anymore. It was just a normal hospital room. When I was moved, I did a photo and the words onward say “Oncology”. Now I was a bit surprised I was in a different part of the hospital.

Then a short while after the nurse came in. She does not know English much, so all my question was answered like a “no I can’t help you”. And that I can use a ward phone. Cause I cannot get a normal phone range. Few minutes after my friend comes over. And then I still have no idea what’s going one. None really told me anything yet. And I got information that I will be transported again to a different hospital. This time to Galway University Hospital.

So, I’ve arrived it was night shift. I was kindly assessed by some of nicest doctor I’ve ever seen. Still no answers. And I have one question. Can anyone tell me how long I’ll need to stay here or is there any reason I landed here. Next day still no answer. Then in the middle of the day, a group of doctors came into my temporary bed and told me a diagnosis.

First, I was a bit shocked and I’ve got a bit of water in my eyes. And then I was just totally devastated. A short while after I was just smiling. I am living in the present most of the time. All the books I’ve read before about Western Philosophy, they helped me to be happy at this moment. I’ll share more if you want to know any of those.

I’m so glad that I’m under the supervision of Dr. Janusz Krawczyk. As for now, that’s all. I’ll try to upload some videos and progress.