So, first thing. I never have any experience with drones, but as we know uncle Google. Helped me a little. Also I’ve met some of nice new people in this hobby. So the really first thing was the moment when I started watching some of videos on YouTube. They were nice videos where people were flying like a crazy with their fancy sport drones. And I just want to do that as well.

So first step was to buy an controller, I found that the best to do will be to buy a little bit more expensive controller cause I don’t need to replace that device for next 10 years at least. And then when the controller arrived, I hooked it up into my pc. And I both the game called VelociDrone. This is most realistic as I can feel it from real world experience drone simulator. It’s not fancy with graphic but very realistic. So I’ve spend there about 15hours before I’ve started with real drone.

What next ? Hmm.. I need to build it. I have to say I both first time a board with ESC ( Racerstar StarF4S 30A Blheli_S)  on it and that was a mistake. The board works perfect until I started to solder the cables into it. Few moments later I saw that the SBUS pad ( pad for drone control trough remote ) disintegrate itself. It just fell off. So I’ve waste 60$.

Okay so what next ? I can’t control my quad what I should do ? Fortunately I’ve meet someone that helped me with choice of my next quad board (HGLRC F4 V6PRO).  It’s working up to day today.
So I begun to assemble the drone and configure all of the necessary controls. And next day I was ready.

Then what? I’ve started to learn how to fly in real world using Line of Site. Its nice to have good line of site experience before you will put you googles up. Three months passed away. I can fly right now with horizontal-mode in line of site, and acro mode with normal google experience. I’ll try to upload an DVR videos of the progress but that will be covered in another blog post about FPV.